Plumbing For a Home Remodel

Plumbing For a Home Remodel

If you’re looking for a plumber for your next home remodeling project in the Boulder County area, choose Mayfield Plumbing & Backflow! We will consult with you and your other contractors to make sure the project is done quickly and with an attention to detail. Our plumbers will make the final product gorgeous and up to code. Contact Mayfield Plumbing for a home remodel estimate today!

Pre-Construction Meeting

First Mayfield Plumbing will meet with you to discuss how you’d like your remodel to look. This is a chance for our Master Plumber to make suggestions from an installation and service standpoint. Giving you more options and information to finalize your vision for the home remodel. Next Mayfield Plumbing & Backflow will schedule a pre-construction meeting to talk with contractors. This let’s us get the lay of the house, and look at existing plumbing. In this meeting Mayfield Plumbing will coordinate with others who will be working on the project. This is an important step to establish a game plan, and identify any issues or potential problems ahead of time. 

Demo Existing Pipe

Before new plumbing can go in, old plumbing must come out! Mayfield Plumbing & Backflow will demo plumbing all the way down to the soil. In older homes, it may be necessary to tear out existing pipe and replace it with newer, high tech materials. Copper and cast iron on historic homes can have a range of issues and be prone to freezing and bursting. All subpar plumbing and piping materials will be removed and replaced with higher quality products.

Plumbing for a Home Remodel

Install New Piping

Once all of the old pipes are out, it is time to start installing new pipes. Mayfield uses UPONOR, a modern plastic material that is more durable and less prone to bursting than older piping materials. Mayfield has the skills to replace worn out metal pipes with UPONOR in order to preserve the integrity of your home’s plumbing water system.

Install Fixtures and Finishing

Once the new pipes are installed and framing is complete it’s time for fixtures and finishing! A Master Plumber, such as Mayfield Plumbing, knows the beauty is in the details. From new sinks and faucets to tubs and shower heads, Mayfield brings the expertise needed to make each fixture elegant and stay in working order. No matter how prominently an appliance is displayed in your home, Mayfield treats the outside finish work with finesse to ensure that you can show off your remodel with pride.

If you’re interested in learning more about working with a plumber from Mayfield Plumbing for a home remodel project in or around Boulder County, contact us today at 720-505-0731.

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