Toilet Repair and Replacement

When Is It Time for a Toilet Repair and When to Replace

Most homeowners let toilet issues go on for months before finally calling a plumber. Common complaints range from a toilet constantly running to the flush not working as well as it should. Calling a plumber will give you a fast and reliable solution for these toilet repairs. If you’re looking to replace your toilet for a new model, discussing your options with a plumber means you’ll find the perfect toilet to fit your needs. With over 25 years of experience Mayfield Plumbing can quickly complete your toilet repair or entirely replace your toilet easily.

Toilet Repair: Replace Old Parts

You might notice as your toilet ages it doesn’t operate as well as when it was new. There are many issues that can cause this, but a very common one is rubber parts failing. Many of the parts inside your toilet tank are made from rubber; over time they lose elasticity and become soft and gummy. Replacing parts is a necessary toilet repair, and should typically be done every 4 to 5 years.

Another common issue in Boulder county, especially if you live in North or South Boulder, is high water pressure. This affects the internal working of your toilet by wearing out parts. High water pressure most commonly damages the ballcock fill valve in your toilet. You might notice this issue if your toilet runs frequently. During a service call with Mayfield Plumbing we can replace these parts and get your toilet running properly.

Toilet Repair: It Won’t Flush Right

As your toilet ages, it might start flushing slowly or waste might catch and remain in the bowl after you flush. Over time calcium can buildup in the bowl and in the internal workings of your toilet. The rough surface from the calcium buildup causes waste to remain in the bowl. The solution for this depends on many factors. It can be solved with extensive cleaning with solvents for calcium and lime scale (white vinegar or a chemical product like CLR). Or you might need to replace the toilet if the buildup is too extensive. If you’re looking for a long term solution to calcium buildup, contact us at Mayfield Plumbing to learn about the benefits of a water softener system. 

Replace Older Toilets for One-piece Toilets

Not all problems can be repaired, sometimes you do have to replace your toilet. Age can affect toilets, and many people are opting to ditch their old two-piece toilet. One big consideration is looks, but one-piece toilets also have other advantages. They are easier to clean as they are one single unit, no seams or areas that are hard to reach. One-piece also means they are less likely to leak because the tank is not separate. A customer favorite is the Kholer Santa Rosa Toilet—a very elegant one piece toilet.

A More Comfortable Toilet

For older people getting a more comfortable toilet has to do with height. A taller toilet is easier on bad knees and will be more comfortable to stand up from. Comfort height toilets are a great option that come in many different styles.

Get Environmentally Friendly

More and more common are environmentally friendly toilets. If your home has toilets from before 1982 they likely use between 5 to 7 gallons per flush. A modern environmentally friendly toilet can use 1.28 gallons of water per flush. That’s a huge difference for your water bill! They typically also have two flush settings one for solid waste that uses slightly more water and one for liquid waste that uses less. 

If you’re interested in learning more about working with Mayfield Plumbing for your toilet repair or toilet replacement in or around Boulder County, contact us today at 720-505-0731.

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